Shantui Janeoo Concrete Machinery Witnesses China-Africa Friendship
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28 December, 2022

In recent years, there have been frequent reports of China's aid in the construction of foreign infrastructure, especially in the construction of railways and highways. Relying on advanced and reliable infrastructure construction capabilities, Shantui focuses on the road construction needs of Africa, and serves Africa's infrastructure construction with the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise. Shenghui has demonstrated the power of China with high-quality products and services.

In May, 2022, one set of Shantui L3B-1500 asphalt mixing plant was successfully applied to the construction of road projects in southern Africa, bringing convenience to local people’s life and promoting local economic development.

The rainy season in Africa started at the beginning of the project, and the heavy rain posed severe challenges to the construction of the road project. Shantui Janeoo service personnel adjusted the work progress in time according to the actual situation in the rainy season, make full use of the time when it does not rain at night, and take back the time when it rains during the day.

Shantui Jianyou L3B asphalt mixing plant has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, easy maintenance, and modular structure design. It is easy to install and flexible in site layout; the metering system is accurate, stable and reliable, and has strong anti-interference ability.

In August, the sun was scorching hot in the north of West Africa, and the hot wind blew over the road under construction here, and the Shantui Janeoo E2H-35 concrete mixing plant working at high speed.The plant delivers high-quality concrete for African highway projects by virtue of stable product performance, fast installation, and considerate after-sales service, and helps project construction with efficient mixing and excellent quality.

In November, Shantui provided a "cloud" service for Africa's autumn construction, completed the remote installation and commissioning guidance of a set of E3H-060 concrete mixing plant. In order to ensure the production progress, Shantui formulated a detailed remote guidance plan for installation and adjustment for customers.The service personnel even overcome the time difference and use the network platform to communicate with customers in real time to ensure that the progress of installation and adjustment is advanced according to customer requirements.

The E3H concrete batching plant is composed of aggregate batching, inclined belt conveyor, metering, mixing, exterior decoration, electrical system and other modules. Modular design, three-point hanging high-precision metering, coarse and precise metering, effectively guarantee the production ratio in the use of equipment, meet the high-precision metering requirements of various admixtures, and provide a strong guarantee for customer road construction.

In December, the E3H-75 mountain mixing plant exported to Africa by Shanxi successfully completed the container loading and delivery. E3H mountain mixing plant not only integrates intelligent manufacturing but also guarantees the site needs of overseas customer. It occupies a small area, is easy to transfer, and is convenient for operation and maintenance. Powder metering adopts rod scale structure, which has good stability and strong anti-interference ability; intelligent electronic control system realizes automatic unloading, and its performance is safe and reliable.

In the future, Shantui will continue to explore overseas markets with the help of global infrastructure construction, and strive to promote the market reputation of China's intelligent manufacturing national brand, demonstrating the responsibility of state-owned enterprises and China's strength.

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