Parts Support
Parts Support
  • Application of key components

    The components assembled by Shantui Equipment fully leverage the advantages of the group's "golden powertrain" of engines, transmissions, and drive axles, as well as Jilinde hydraulic products, to ensure the stability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance and repair of all core components. At the same time, we cooperate with international top standard component suppliers such as Cummins engines, Shangchai (Carter) engines, and Kawasaki hydraulic components to ensure that each Shantui Equipment has excellent performance in all industries and mines.

  • Component R&D and production capacity

    The chassis components of bulldozers and excavators, as well as the torque converters and transmissions of bulldozers, loaders, road machinery transmissions, and axles, are all self-developed and produced, ensuring that the components used are world-class in every aspect of raw material control, production technology, quality management, and other aspects.

  • Layout global parts warehousing and service network

    Shantui, in conjunction with Weichai Power, reserves repair parts in key markets worldwide, establishes * * overseas subsidiaries and parts warehouses, and supports users to obtain repair and maintenance parts as quickly as possible globally.

Genuine Spare Parts
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