Customer Care Visit to Mayan Railway Project in Mexico
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28 December, 2022

Shantui service personnel conducted a service visit to the Mayan Railway Project in Mexico, which also known as the "Maya Train" railway project. The railway has a planned route of 1,500 kilometers and passes through 42 cities. It can improve the local logistics and passenger transport network, and promote local tourism and economic development. 

At present, the fourth section of the project is in a critical period of construction, and Shantui bulldozers play the main role in the foundation construction of the project. In some road sections the dozers will work for about 20 hours a day on average.

In order to ensure the equipment attendance rate and improve support efficiency, the Shantui Maya Railway Service Team carried out inspection activities to inspect and debug the project site equipment one by one. On-site visit, on-site service. Shantui person drove more than 9,000 kilometers, and took one month to inspect and solve equipment problems on site, listen to customer suggestions and needs, and collect quality improvement information. During the visit, the service personnel also put forward personalized suggestions for the user's operation and maintenance. This visit has strengthened Shantui's connection with users and better interpreted the spirit of "we aim to your maximum satisfaction".

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