A Good Partner for 24 Years
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29 September, 2022

A Good Partner for 24 Years

Recently, when Shantui service personnel visited an iron ore company, they found a Shantui ZL30G loader carrying out dexterous loading and unloading operations. "This Shantui ZL30G loader was purchased in 1998, and it has been working for 24 years. At present, the overall condition of the machine is still good, and there is no problem at all! The company's director Mr. Wang said.

In the 1990s, Shantui was determined to break through the barriers of foreign technology monopoly and reverse the situation that domestic brands were not recognized at that time. ZL30G loader has outstanding performance in material, structure and stability. "The material used is real, thicker and stronger than any products of the same period, and the body structure has been used for 24 years without any problems. For our business, the purchase of this Shantui ZL30G loader is definitely a great value, 24 years, it's a miracle!" Director Wang's words are not only full of admiration for the "old buddy", but also recognition and praise for Shantui's loaders.The loader worked for more than 15 hours a day and 2000 hours a year. With such heavy working conditions, Shantui ZL30G loader not only resisted the pressure of operation, but also achieved an amazing life cycle with its excellent quality.

Reliable and high quality products, excellent strength and creating maximum value for customers are the only way to be recognized by customers. Nowadays, Shantui brand loaders have become the main force of production, fighting in their respective jobs with hard strength.

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