Open A New Era of Intelligence | Shantui Delivers Pure Electric Bulldozer and Unmanned Bulldozer Off the Assembly Line-2
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13 November, 2020

       It is reported that DH17 C2U unmanned bulldozer is equipped with a high-performance on-board computing platform and a Beidou high-precision positioning system. The modular and systematic design is supported by 5G intelligent communication to lay the technological and product foundation for joint application of space, time and status data in construction with “cloud + terminal” digital intelligent cluster operation. The bulldozer can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, port bulk handling, and fire fighting operations, and puts the operator in a safe and humanized environment where pollution, radiation and danger are avoided. The equipment can also improve the working environment of workers and reduce labor intensity, thereby greatly increasing production efficiency and providing significant social benefits.

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