Congratulations on One More Batch Sales of DH17B2 Hydrostatic Bulldozers in South Asian Market
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28 February, 2020

With more than ten units DH17B2 hydrostatic bulldozers ready for export to South Asian market, Shantui once again realized the batch delivery of hydrostatic products. 

In recent years, since the breakthrough of hydrostatic bulldozers in this market, Shantui seized market opportunities, kept up with customer information jointly with dealers, took major customers and major projects as breakthrough points, guaranteed the market demands in terms of marketing, product quality, after-service, and parts supply, and realized the doubled sales volume of hydrostatic products and quick promotion of Shantui brand awareness. The products, which were upgraded in the last half year, were debuted for the first time at local exposition and gained the full recognition and high appraisal from the market.

At the entrance into 2020, in this special period of NCP epidemic, Shantui kept up with the market trend and partnered with Shanti’s R&D, Production, and Logistics to jointly seize every order and avoid the related risks caused by the NCP epidemic. Till now from the beginning of this year, Shantui has concluded orders for >20 units bulldozers, including 15 units DH17B2 bulldozers. At present, the first batch of more than 10 machines has already been shipped. 

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